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Luxury Travel by Ruiz is an industry leader in custom luxury vacations. But don't just take our word for it—read the praise from our valued clients.

"Herlan Ruiz is my exclusive cruise 'guru.' His attention to service and knowledge of the business is evident from the moment you begin working with him. Planning a family vacation has never been easier and more enjoyable."
–Umberto Perez, CFP® President

"You really did a great job for us! A tough assignment to get the air tix we needed for a group of 10. Great communication so that we always knew what was going on!"
–Ira Drogin

"The attention paid by Herlan Ruiz to my requirements, and the recommendations that he provided, far overshadowed what was ever shown to me by other agents."
–Clen Francis


"I have cruised regularly for over 15 years, and for over 10 years now, I have been a client of Herlan Ruiz. I came to him after many frustrating experiences either dealing directly with a cruise line or with a previous travel agent. Therefore, I am well aware of  all the real and potential problems that can arise and the difficulties in solving or avoiding them. However, working with Herlan Ruiz totally reversed that situation. I now have a representative who is my advocate in all stages of  booking. He pays attention to every detail of my trip, he keeps me current on all communications, and he has impeccable follow-through. I would never book through anyone else because his expertise and dedication to my satisfaction bring me a peace of mind that I have never had before, and that is priceless."
–Marie Wellington


"Hi Herlan,
We are currently in the Baltic Sea making our way to port in Talinn, Estonia tomorrow morning. The weather has been beautiful...much better than we expected. Our visits in Kristiansand, Copenhagen, and Lubeck were very nice, and yesterday we had a spectacular sail-away from Warnemunde since it was the Queen Elizabeth's first time there. Makes us think that after 200+ years we can still share the Brits successes! Our room is great, much larger than before, and being on the stern has its benefits. Today we were able to sit on our balcony in full sun with no wind and enjoy a quiet afternoon of reading. Thanks for thinking of us...we'll be in touch!"

–Sally W.

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