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Luxury Destination Cruises

Our luxury cruise packages cover the world—touching on all seven continents and across the seven seas. The only question is, what corners of the world do you want to explore? Luxury Travel By Ruiz can take you there—simply search through our cruise packages to find your destination.

North America

From the glacial majesty of Alaska to the silver sands of Florida, our North American destination packages offer something for everyone. You can enjoy a taste of nature, a bit of history or a beach paradise. We offer packages of just a few days for the short and sweet trip, or of more than 2 weeks for that long and leisurely cruise through the most beautiful coasts and lands the New World has to offer.

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Novelist Gabriel García Márquez once said that Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination. Let your imagination run wild with images of sparkling sands, sun-dappled isles and a host of tropical delights to greet you at every port. Our Caribbean cruise packages include stops throughout this celebrated chain of islands. A feast of flavors and sights await you aboard some of the most majestic pleasure vessels on the sea.

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Central America

Boasting rich biodiversity and cultural centers, Central America is a densely packed subcontinent that combines natural beauty with cosmopolitan sophistication. All you have to do is choose the experience you want to have—vibrant nightlife, the gorgeous great outdoors, or an amazing blend of both. Whether you want to tour the Mayan ruins of Belize, stop in Costa Rica for a cup of famously rich coffee, or see the exciting blend of cultures in Panama, we offer cruise packages that let you explore.

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South America

Sun, sea and stunning beauty combine to make South America one of our most popular cruise destinations. With a range of cultures and cuisines, it's the ideal place for guests to discover something new. Delve into the continent's ancient history and indulge your senses in breathtaking scenes of nature—from waterfalls and towering mountains to rain forests and precious coral reefs. From the carnival atmosphere of Buenos Aires to the somber beauty of Patagonia, South America is the adventure of a lifetime.

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Picture it: A whirlwind tour of the Greek Isles, spent wining and dining along the coast. Or perhaps a visit to Iceland's famous outdoor hot springs, or a jolly old time in London. Europe offers a blend of cultures and traditions as diverse as any in the world, with a long and storied history displayed in art and architecture at every turn. We feature longer cruises for those who want a real taste of this incredible continent, as well as tours tailored to a particular regional interest. The choice is yours!

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The East is a place where decadence and beauty flow like a river, in unique art and music, bold cuisine and modern metropolis living. Spice things up with the tastes of India and Thailand. See what Eastern big-city living is like in Tokyo and Hong Kong, or take an engaging journey down the Yangtze River for a deeper look at China, old and new. Our cruise packages range from a week to more than 2 weeks, depending on your interests and the number of destinations you would like to experience.

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Middle East

The Middle East is rich in ancient history, but also offers many gems of modern civilization. Step off a luxury liner and enter the global city of Dubai, a glittering jewel of leisure, fashion and luxury. Or travel to the azure Mediterranean Sea and touch down in Cyprus for a heady blend of Greek and Turkish culture that has created striking art, architecture and atmosphere. These cruise packages will immerse you in a rich tapestry of cultures and ancient history, making for lasting memories. 

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It's amazing that a single continent can be home to the Great Pyramids of Giza and a wild terrain featuring some of the most incredible flora and fauna in the world. Whether you want to drift down the jeweled waters of the Nile, or cruise along Africa's beautiful coast amid the blue waters of the many oceans that border it, our destination cruises reveal the many facets of this distinctive and exciting continent. 

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In the mood for a walkabout? Australia has something for every explorer. From rich Aboriginal history to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef, the Outback is a land of adventure. But if you'd rather explore a bit of nightlife, there are also the cosmopolitan delights of Sydney. Or take a detour to the  lush forests of New Zealand, an island country with its own exciting mix of natural wonders and near-mythical beauty.

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Though it's the coldest and windiest continent on Earth, Antarctica has a singular charm unlike anywhere else in the world. Whales and penguins are a common sight, as are glaciers and breathtaking mountains. Enjoy a striking contrast between the luxury and leisure of a cruise ship and the vast, untamed land of this icy continent. Like the pioneering adventurers that have marked out the land before you, you will discover a place of formidable beauty.

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